Gear for Sale

Over the years, I have bought many pieces of audio gear. Sound familiar to you? 😉 Well, I finally decided to let you all know what gear or audio parts are available for purchase. Some of the gear listed here can be audio gear from friends of mine, which I’m familiar with and which in my opinion represents exceptional musical value.

If you are interested, feel free to write to contact”at”
In case, the audio gear listed isn’t my own, I will indicate this fact and will provide contact details of the owner or will forward your inquiry to the owner.

So, what’s on sale:

February 2018

Pair (2x 2.4m) of Kimber 4TC in excellent condition

Used pair of Kimber 4TC speaker cables for Sale!

This is my trusted pair of the well regarded Kimber 4TC loudspeaker cable with 4mm Beryllium Copper banana plugs (length is 2x 2.4m; excellent condition)

New price Nov. 18: Price is EUR 150 and includes shipping!

If interested, please contact me under:

More gear to follow ...