Here are some links I enjoy and recommend. I'm convinced that you may find some of their content highly interesting (they are not only audio related):

Audio / DIY Audio

Nutshell Hifi:

I met Lynn Olson at the exciting 2004 European Triode Festival (ETF) in Germany. His lecture on "different amplifier designs" (see Interesting Topics) was a highlight of the festival. He knows a lot about the musical bliss a good tube amplifier design can deliver. His site is highly recommended. You will also find his report of ETF 2004 on his site.

Welborne Labs:

Great selection of DIY parts. Ron Welborne also offers superb amplifier kits. His Moondog 2A3 power amplifiers started my tube fever. Ron's new SET power amplifier range (with 300B or 45 triodes) uses Direct Reactance Drive (DRD) and are said to be musically top performers.

Lundahl transformers:

Per Lundahl's transformers are mainly used in professional audio; the DIY scene - thanks to the late great Harvey Gizmo Rosenberg - has relied on his great quality products for quite a time. Deservedly so.

GSP Audio:

Graham Slee Projects Limited cares about the reproduction of music from our beloved vinyl records. With a longtime engineering background in Broadcast-Audio, Graham is dedicated to designing 'Affordable High Quality Audio Equipment Hand Built in Yorkshire, England by the Common Man for the Common Man'. Highly recommended.

Steve's Tube Pages:

Steve Bench is in my humble opinion one of the true geniuses in DIY audio. His design approaches are something special. His 'no capacitor in the signal path' phono-preamp was my musical high light at ETF 2004.

First Watt 

Under the First Watt label "transistor guru" Nelson Pass himself builds exceptional and affordable low power audio amplifiers intended for use with sensitive loudspeaker systems. Good to know that someone that knowledgeable gives all lovers of sensitive loudspeakers an option to listen to superb Class A amplifiers without glowing tubes.

Pass DIY 

This is Pass Labs site dedicated to the DIY audio community. Here you will find a lot of information on Nelson Pass designs as well as some articles and white papers of the master himself. There is also a gallery section  dedicated to DIY projects of Pass designs from audio enthusiasts around the world.

If you like to visit the Pass Labs forum on DiyAudio.Com click here.

Outstanding Austrian loudspeaker designs. David Haigner is in my opinion one of the most innovative loudspeaker designers on this planet. And the best, various Haigner loudspeaker creations mate perfectly well with low powered tube amps! Website with a lot of technical information about loudspeaker design. Highly recommended!

The Cartridge Man

For music lovers only... Moving Iron cartridges and more with incredible musicality. The real alternative to highly expensive Moving Coils. I live happily with my Music Maker MkIII and enjoy it immensly. Report will follow. Highly recommended!

Great site from an audio-enthusiast in Germany, whom I met at ETF 2005. You will find information about the legendary Garrard 301 turntable and a lot more on Thomas's site. A further highlight is his informative report of ETF 2005.
And not to forget, he is the maker of an exceptionally good 12" tonearm, which is in my opinion a bargain. Bought it and love it...


One of our Munich audio friends hosts this great site about tube amp projects, TT, tonearms, news related to music and high end, etc. Only in German, but highly recommended site!

LeBong Audio:

Another German audio-enthusiast and tube lover I met the first time at ETF 2004. Johannes has a great website and a heart for retro audio gear. His weblog is highly recommended. (Site in German only!) I had the pleasure to listen to some of his tube amplifier creations at ETF and they really let David's PA horn system shine.

Shale Audio Design:

Wonderfully-made audio shelves and rack systems. I was impressed with the wood work and the concept (all the equipment rests on slate platforms, which are decoupled from the rest of the rack system) when I experienced these superb stands the first time at the Vienna Klangbilder 2009 show. The man behind these clever concepts, Christian Hartwig, is also a great person to talk to.

Site in German only, but highly recommended!



The new website of Martin Küng. Currently, he offers top-notch power supplies for Laptops, Netbooks, Phono Preamps, etc. as well as a superb sounding USB Cable.

The site is brand new, so still a work in progress. Stay tuned for more hand made products to be added with excellent value for money.

Highly recommended!



Konrad 'Bones' Windisch:

One of Austria's top blues musicians and a great friend. If you like raw and authentic acoustic blues, he's definitely the one to see in concert or to listen to on CD. Powerful and earthy Delta blues at its best. You don't have to go to the Mississippi Delta to get caught in the blues. (Site in German only! English site coming soon!)
You want a taste of his blues? Click here and enjoy his "Cool Blues in a Cave" video, which he put on


Audio Magazines & Audio Blogs

A truly great online magazine with many test reports on "non mass market products". It seems to me that in this magazine's reviews the musical aspect of our hobby plays a major role. The great Listener Magazine is sadly no longer in print, but in my opinion there is new hope for our beloved audio hobby...

TNT Audio:

Another great online audio magazine, which claims to be "free & proudly independent". Excellent reviews on a wide range of audio products. Highly recommended!

Positive Feedback Online

As the online editorial states, this magazine's goal is to be a "Creative Forum for the Audio Arts". With about 70 members of their international editorial group it's wonderful to read that Positive Feedback is "committed to the possibilities of 'Do It Yourself' (DIY) projects, room treatments, construction projects, mods and tweaks for high-end systems, including power supplies. We see this as a major element in the re-invigoration of high-end audio." Definitely, a must read!


Stefano Bertoncello's superb blog about music, tube gear, and other audio related topics. Highly recommended read!


Thomas Mayer's blog about vacuum tube audio and his designs. Great information and definitely worth a read. Highly recommended!



Heather Wokusch:

My adored wife and soulmate Heather's excellent and progressive political articles mainly about US politics. Due to her current book project, new articles are for the time being only infrequently published. Her opinion pieces are highly inspiring and educating for me.

Konrad Zwölfer:

My brother-in-law is a gifted carpenter. Great woodwork shown on his site (in German only!)

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