My current main system (as of 2012):


My friend Alexander and I had a blast at the Lenco Heaven Meet in Brussels, another wonderful event for music and audio lovers. We met great people, had fun listening to wonderful Lenco-based systems, enjoyed good beer and the famous Belgian cuisine. Visit the Lenco Heaven Forum, it's in my opinion one of the best internet-forums around, focusing on vintage Lencos but also on a variaty of other audio topics including music.
Highly recommended!



The two photos above show my music room and equipment as of 2012. You can also see the new equipment placement with the Lenco sitting on a dedicated wall shelf. The increase in musical performance of the Lenco was definitely worth the effort of mounting this shelf  :-)


System as of 2009

Here is one of the latest photos of my main system (April 2009). I sold my beloved Haigner 3-way monitors recently to Alexander, a friend of mine, who is also a music aficionado and an expert in recorded Jazz music. Instead, you can see a pair of Altec Valencias - crossover modified by David Haigner including a Beymer mid-/treble driver substituting the original Altec driver - which I have got from David on loan until my new Haigner Gamma horns will be ready.

These modified Valencias are fun to listen to, although not the last word in treble resolution and musical color compared to the exceptional Haigner 3-way monitors I had owned for 6+ years. Dynamically and rhythmically the Valencias are superb though and easily get you connected to the music.

Furthermore, there is my pimped vintage Lenco L75 TT with superb 12" Schick arm and Shelter 501 II cartridge, a Dynaco ST70 with the current Welborne Labs mods - a fun project I will report on in the near future - my beloved Kroack Tao TT with Helius arm and Musicmaker MkIII MM cartridge,  EAR 868 tube preamp with superb tube phono stage, Tentlabs CD player used as a drive and Martin Kueng modified Micromega DAC. I also use Graham Slee's Revelation phono stage (with different reproduction curves for older records) with great results. Don't worry, there are still SE triode amps (a pair of Welborne Labs Moondogs 2A3s and a pair of WE 91 style 300B SET Mono block amps - kit version offered by DIY Hifi Supply) in the house, but not on the photo ;-)

Altec Valencia with Haigner mods

Tip: Try to dampen the two weldseams of the mid- /treble horn. These weldseams normally cause audible ringing. The damping with special absorber band and paper clips helped a lot in my case (thanks to David for this tip)

Good old Lenco L75 in new plinth with the affordable and highly musical Schick 12" tone arm. A great combination in every way! Maybe a giant killer TT?

Dynaco ST 70 with Welborne Labs modification. This was my latest DIY project and worked out great.  I had an original Dynaco amp with 115V power transformer at hand (bought it years ago on Ebay).

I used the original output transformers and the quad of EL34 tubes, bought a new chassis and a replacement power transformer for 240V mains voltage (both from Triode Electronics Inc. Online for a more than fair price) and Ron Welbornes modification kit (driver board, bias and power supply upgrade) and put everything together.

The modded amp sounds impressive. 

Highly recommended!

Last (2007) version of my Haigner 3-way monitors (left channel) with improved and phase coherent mid and treble section. I happily lived with these speakers for many years and enjoyed every record played. Now, they will bring musical joy to my friend Alexander's music room. And he always plays great Jazz LPs over his equipment. He offered to provide a list of "Must have" - Jazz Lps for my website, so stay tuned...

My system as it developed (older fotos ca 2000 to early 2007): 

My dream turntable, Peter Kroack's Tao table with Helius Cyalene silver wired arm, Len Gregory's (aka the Cartridge Man) Musikmaker Mk III MM cartridge and a superb Ortofon 309i arm, excellent RS Labs RS-3 head shell and Denon DL-103R cartridge.


Welborne Labs Moondog 2A3 mono block
 SET amps (Kit version), they sound magical,
 especially with some NOS 6SN7 drivers and
NOS GZ37 rectifier


ASL Tulip 2A3 stereo amp with Vaic 2A3 Meshplates. Aren't they gorgeous?
The sound of the Tulip is wonderful, though not as authoritative as the Moondogs are ( In the meantime I have sold the Tulip - no easy decision - due to my next project the building of a pair of WE 91 300B SE amplifiers - a kit-version offered by DIY Hifi Supply in Hong Kong)

Joe Aigner's test version of a 5687 based line stage with two kinds of output transformers (using parafeed and ultrapath circuits). Fully homebrewed but highly musical and enjoyable; one of the best linestages I've ever had in my system...


Downstairs system in my dedicated music room. In the front is a pair of impressive 3-way speakers, designed and built by Austria's loudspeaker guru, David Haigner.

Near field view of David Haigner's full range speaker, efficiency 92 dB,  impedance slightly above 8 ohm,  an easy load to drive for a 2A3 amplifier pair in biamping mode (or even better a pair of 2A3 monos for mids and tweeter section and my new pair of WE 91 300B SE amps for the bass - awesome).

That's my new one. Joe Aigner's line stage design with a lot of iron (Sowther volume transformers, one 6H30pi double triode tube with battery bias and Lundahl output trannies using a parafeed circuit) and external power supply.

The matching external power supply of my preamp with Lundahl choke and TV damper tubes for rectification.

My source for CDs is a Martin Küng modified Philips CDR 950 used as
transport together with Benchmark 
Media's DAC1 - works fine for me.

WE 91 300B SET Mono block after the assembling work was done. It's the kit version offered by DIY Hifi-Supply, Hong Kong with Guido Tents 5V DC filament supply for the 300B triode output tube.
A very powerful 300B amp which I use to drive the 15 " RCF bass chassis of  my speakers.
The cherry wood front panel is not part of the kit. My brother-in-law, Kurt, a gifted carpenter, made them for me.

Good old Linn LP12, Lingo, Ekos combination with Audio Technica OCC30 MC cartridge and EAR 834P deluxe phono stage.

Mollenhauer Germany tube preamp and transistor-power amp (this combo plays music with a lot of emotion... wonderful) with Martin Küng modified Grundig CD 8400 (great sounding CD player, by the way).


Upstairs system as a whole, speakers are TDL Monitor compact transmission lines (my first DIY project with help of my late great Dad and some friends). Normally, our cats are in the first row, damn where are they?


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