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December 2010

Here is an update of my experience with the Thomas Mayer 801A SE stereo amplifier. Definitely a rare species of amp when musicallity is an important criteria for you.

I also added two photos of Thomas Mayer's latest amplifier design with 30 Watts of affordable SE magic, at the end of this page.

November 2010

My friend Alexander and I had a blast at the Lenco Heaven Meet in Brussels, another wonderful event for music and audio lovers. We met great people, had fun listening to wonderful Lenco-based systems, enjoyed good beer and the famous Belgian cuisine. Visit the Lenco Heaven Forum, it's in my opinion one of the best internet-forums around, focusing on vintage Lencos but also on a variaty of other audio topics including music. Highly recommended!

August 2010

A bit late but worth a read. You will find my report on the Vienna Vibes Festival here

May 2010

A trip to Munich on the weekend of the High-End turned out to be a fun musical journey. Find out more...

May 2010

Finally, I had some time to update the Favorite Gear - Analog page. Some of  Thomas Mayer's tube amp designs as well as the good old Lenco L75 have been added...

April 2010

I recently had two opportunities to listen to David Haigner's new 3-way monitors in more detail. These monitors were also demonstrated at the Klangbilder 2009 audio show in Vienna last November (see a photo here). What shall I say. These speakers are a music fan's dream come true. 100% time aligned they are the best 3-way monitors I've ever heard. Period! They work with transistor amps stunningly and are a superb match for tube amps from 7 watts on. If you come to Vienna, it's a must to hear these speakers...

April 2010

You want to see more of Thomas Mayer's preamp designs? I added some more photos of a new LCR RIAA phono stage based on the 6AM4 triode and a universal line stage (which can use different directly heated triodes) at the end of this page.

February 2010

More photo impressions of Thomas Mayer's latest designs added (to be found at the end of that page).

November 2009

Top of the line tube amps. Some photo impressions of Thomas Mayer designs. Awesome!

Nov. 8th, 2009: 
Personal listening remarks added at the end of the Thomas Mayer amp designs page after having auditioned Thomas' top of the line amps paired with David Haigner's new AMADEO basic 3-way speakers at the Klangbilder 2009 audio show in Vienna.

Nov. 22nd, 2009:
More pics added of new Thomas Mayer amps and the speakers and system he uses for development and eveluation purposes of his amps.

October 2009

Update on improvements to Joe's Dream Audio System can be found here

September 2009


Tube Amp Lovers this report is for you! A description as well as auditioning notes re. the superb tube amps Thomas Mayer has designed.

August 2009

Finally, the report of the Berlin 'School of Sound' Audio Fest is online. Enjoy reading it...

June 2009

Report and photos of the Berlin 'School of Sound'  festival, May 22 to May 24, 2009 will follow hopefully soon

June 2009

Update of  the Current System page by adding photos of my current 2009 system

January 2009

Report of the 2nd "Schall & Rauch" festival in Munich in Oct. 2008 added to the  Interesting Topics section

November 2008

Here's the link to the article on David Haigner's Rho speakers. If you love low powered tube amps and are interested in some technical background on speaker design this is a great read...

September 2008

Tentlabs SPDIF problem solved. Read my comments at the end of my March/April report "Building TentLabs' Musical DIY CD Player"

July 2008

David Haigner's Rho, his "budget" 2 way horn speaker design was excellently reviewed in the German High End magazine "Image Hifi" (No. 82, 4/2008) by Roland Kraft. Although 90 dB efficiency only, Mr. Kraft found this easy to drive speaker the right partner especially for tube amps between 6 and 15 watts.

Another Rho test in the highly regarded internet audio magazine is forthcoming. I will keep you updated...

April 2008

Martin Küng's modified Micromega Variodac added to the 'Digital Analogue Converters' section of the Favorite Digital Gear page

March / April 2008

Building TentLabs' Musical DIY CD Player (read the report here)

March 2008

Because music rules: I have decided to stay with my old car, a 1990 BMW 318, and instead order David Haigner's forthcoming horn loudspeaker system, the Gamma. I can't wait to get the speakers this winter and will definitely report on my experience... (Meanwhile, feel free to check out Mr.Haigner's new website)

January 2008

Impressions of a fun "shootout" of different affordable power amp designs as well as David Haigners latest "budget" speaker creation named Rho can be found here.

November 2007

A review of David Haigner's Beta Horn LS system can be found in the German audio magazine LP (issue 1/2008) and the review does these awesome speakers justice. If you live in Germany, Switzerland or Austria and you like horn systems, go for this issue of the LP magazine.
Please note: The efficiency of 93dB/W/m stated in the review is incorrect! The measured efficiency of the Beta horns is 96dB/W/m.

November 2007

Report of the 1st "Schall & Rauch" festival in Munich added to the  Interesting Topics section

October 2007

Favorite Gear section: The Cartridge Man's Music Maker III cartridge added to the end of Favorite Analog Gear; also a new page for Favorite Digital Gear added

September 2007

Interesting Topics section: More Alpha horn listening impressions added to the 'Haigner Alpha and Beta Horn Systems' article of March 2007 (at the end of the article)

May 2007

Interesting Topics section: 'Follow up on Joe's Dream Loudspeaker System - Improvements since January 2006' added to the Interesting Topics section











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