The following topics are based on my personal experience with audio, various equipment and music in both analog and digital formats for more than 30 years. There will also be space for links to interesting articles published in hifi magazines and/or other sources.

Planned is also to put some white papers / project information on tube amplifiers and loudspeakers, written by two friends and highly qualified Austrian engineers  - Josef Aigner & David Haigner - on this site in the near future. Click here to see some of the gear they have built.

Topics after 2008 you can find here

    March / April 2008 - Building TentLabs' Musical DIY CD Player
    Here is the long promised report about my experience with this highly praised DIY CD player, please read on ...


    November 2007 - Report about the 1st "Schall & Rauch" - Festival in Munich
    A must read for every tube audio lover...


    May 2007 - Follow up on Joe's Dream Loudspeaker System - Improvements since January 2006
    Joe was so kind to write a bit about the improvements he made to his super speaker system in the meantime

    May 07: After some listening possibilities, I can wholeheartedly agree that the audible improvements achieved in comparison with the start version of Joe's project a bit over a year ago are quite dramatic! Another great speaker system.
    Enjoy the report

    March 2007 - Haigner Alpha and Beta Horn Systems
    Another must read for every horn
    speaker aficionado ;-)
    April 07 / Sept. 07: More listening impressions on the incredible Alpha Horns added to this article

    March 2007 - The Making of GOTO Horn Speakers a la Haigner
    A must read for every horn speaker aficionado ;-)
    If you want to read more about these outstanding speakers, the German audio magazine 'image hifi' has run an enthusiastic report by Cai Brockmann in their Feb. 2007 issue (No. 74, page 130, x-kursion) under the title "Fairway To Heaven; Die Anlage von Herrn W. aus S." (German only!)
    (As soon as I'll have the chance to listen to these Haigner creations, I will report in detail about their musical qualities on this site. So, watch out!)

    December 2006 - The Making of the First Triode?
    ETF 2006, this year in the Netherlands - at the Beukenhof in Biezenmortel - was a blast as all ETF's so far.
    But our Dutch hosts (Emile Sprenger and Guido Tent) had a special surprise for us. A video called "The Making of the First Triode". This video is honoring the centennial of the Audion, Le De Forest's invention of the first triode. The cool thing about the video: It shows the making of the ETF06 Triode, a copy of De Forest's Audion.

    Enjoy this video, which our Dutch friends uploaded to


    November 2006 - A Lead Free World?
    (A link to Geoff Husband's interview with Graham Slee for TNT-Audio, July 2006; a must read about ROHS - the new EU directive - and it's effect on our beloved audio hobby)

    June 2006 -Euphonic Distortion: Naughty but Nice
    (A link to Keith Howard's article for Stereophile, April 2006)
    This is an excellent article, my only reservation: Mr Howard's distortion test method didn't take into account distortion products decreasing as the acoustic level decreases, a phenomenon which single-ended class A amplification's distortion characteristics display (see Single-Ended Class A by Nelson Pass).
    August 2007: Mr. Howard and I have been in email contact regarding my reservation above, because apparently his distortion test method takes into account 'distortion products decreasing as the acoustic level decreases'. Those interested can visit his excellent website and download his AddDistortion utility used for the tests and experiment for themselves. (I hope to download the software soon and learn about the effects for myself.

    May 2006 - Lynn Olson on Different Amp Designs
    (A link to his presentation for ETF 2004 - highly informative)

    Jan. 2006 - Joe's Loudspeaker Dream Comes True


    Nov. 2005 - The Beauty of Single-Ended 2A3 Amps


    Planned topics to follow:

    • LFD Anniversary Line Stage and LFD MCT SE Phono Stage (awesome transistor designs)


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